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Elizabeth Barraclough

Elizabeth Barraclough - Elizabeth Barraclough - 1978 - Bearsville Records
Discovered by Bearsville Records founder Albert Grossman (ex-manager of Bob Dylan, The Band, and Janis Joplin), Elizabeth Barraclough is a competent blues rock singer in the Bonnie Raitt vein. This is not a groundbreaking album, but it has some good songs which are heartfelt and are in the "Memphis Soul" vein. The album is a 192 vinyl rip, but the sound is fair. It is very difficult to find any substantial information on Elizabeth Barraclough. She recorded an album, "Hi!" and was a girlfriend of Paul Butterfield. A.O.O.F.C would really appreciate your help in providing info about this obscure artist.


1.Willy Ruby
2.Believe It So
3.Boney Mountain
4.Like The Desert Needs The Sand
5.Covered Up In Aces
6.Who Do You Think's The Fool
7.Shepherd's Bush
8.Don't TV Me
9.Sunset Harvest Moon
10.Late In My Bed

Info on composer/s needed


Elizabeth Barraclough - Guitar & Vocals
Todd Rundgren - Electric Guitar
Paul Butterfield - - Harmonica


ELIZABETH BARRACLOUGH (Bearsville) This woman's vocal intensity seems passionate when you're in the mood and affected when you're not. Her love songs are as desperate, committed, and possessed as her political ones. She tends to be a little long-winded. I hope the guitar riff on "Who Do You Think's the Fool" and "Shepherd's Bush" (almost the same riff) is hers. And I hope she keeps getting better. B MINUS, © Robert Christgau, © www.robertchristgau.com/xg/cg/cgv7-78.php


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She happens to be a favorite of John Wesley Harding, and sang backup on his cover of "Covered Up In Aces".

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Thanks,John. Great info, & link! Cheers!