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Kyla Brox Band

Kyla Brox Band - Beware - 2003 - Kyla Brox/Independent

The great British soul/R&B/blues singer, Kyla Brox and her band have released five albums. The latest album, "Gone" seems to be available from many music retail outlets, but the other four albums are extremely difficult to find. Over the past few years Kyla Brox and her band, from Manchester, England, have earned a lot of respect from audiences with their passionate performances. Kyla, the daughter of bluesman Victor Brox, was born to sing the blues and her stunning vocals are backed by superb musicians.. The group got together while playing with Victor Brox's Blues Band. They were only youngsters, but great potential was already there, and about to emerge. In 2002 they formed the Kyla Brox Band. They have played many gigs in the UK and abroad, including the U.S, and Australa. With their huge talent, they deserve more recognition, but so far they have not attained the heights that bands like these deserve. They blay stunning versions of blues, soul, and R&B classics, along with their own great material. They are another band who are keeping the blues alive with their own dynamic, powerful and infectious sound. This debut album by the Kyla Brox Band contains original material and some brilliant covers of some of the greatest soul and blues classics. The album is VHR by A.O.O.F.C for the quality of the songs, her vocals, and the brilliant musicianship of her band. Another of her her albums, "Window," is a diamond of an album with mainly acoustic renditions of her own compositions, and superb covers of songs such as Ann Peebles' "I Can't Stand The Rain" and Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." What a shame her albums are not widely available. They are all outstanding, and given more media exposure, would ensure Kyla Brox's future as one of the greatest soul/blues singers of all time, and this is no exaggeration. Ther is info on her "Gone" album @ KBROX/GONE Kyla and her band have yet to hit the big time. If she happens to be playing in your area, go and see the band. You will hear something really special. Please promote and support this great lady and her band. If you do come across any of the band's albums, please buy them!


Candice (k.brox/blomeley)
Damn Your Eyes (b.wyrick/s.bogard)
Lonesome Stranger (v.brox)
Beware (randle)
I Just Want To Make Love To You (dixon)
Mysterious Ways (k.brox)
I Can't Wait (k.brox/blomeley)
Sick And Tired (v.brox)
Take Me To The River (green/hodges)
Breaking Up Somebody's Home (jackson/matthews)
Feel My Pain (k.brox)
Heard It Through The Grapevine (whitfield/strong)
Soulful Dress (mcalister)
Feeling Good (a.newley/l.bricusse)


Kyla Brox - vocals, flute
Marshall Gill - electric guitar
Tony Marshall - tenor, alto & soprano saxophones
Danny Blomeley - bass guitar
Phil Considine - drums


Kyla was born to sing. She grew up in Manchester, England, listening to her dad singing the blues and her mum singing opera, not to mention the soul and rock exploits of her four older siblings, so it seems inevitable that she would be bitten by the music bug. By the age of 3 she had her heart set firmly on becoming a singer (even asking for Chaka Khan's clothes, hair and voice for Christmas!) and by 1993, at 12 years old, she had already begun to sing in her father's band, the Victor Brox Blues Train (which he originally formed way back in the 60s with Kyla's mother, Annette). It's little wonder that Victor, multiinstrumentalist and singer (who fronted the Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation, and has played/recorded with the likes of Alexis Korner, Little Walter, Graham Bond, Muddy Waters, Champion Jack Dupree, Jimi Hendrix, Doctor John, Peter Green and Sonny Boy Williamson II...) has been a huge influence on Kyla's musical career, encouraging her to learn to play the flute and guitar, as well as sing. Tours, numerous gigs and festivals, and a handful of cds with the Victor Brox Blues Train, have ensured that Kyla has had the proper schooling in her craft. Fate played it's hand in 1993, when Kyla met the equally precocious, 13 year old multi-instrumentalist, Danny Blomeley, when he began to play bass in her dad's band. Danny was a seasoned musician even then, having formed the first of his own band aged 10 (in which he played electric guitar). The pair spent their teenage years honing their skills together in the Victor Brox Blues Train (then affectionately known as the "Child Slavery Band" due to the extreme youth of the musicians!), until 1998 when Danny left the UK to travel the world with guitar in hand. His musical expertise was soon in demand from a diverse range of bands, playing jazz, blues, salsa and rock, on guitar, bass, mandolin and piano. When Danny arrived back in the UK in the spring of 2001, he and Kyla formed a duo. Danny's sensationally unique style on the acoustic guitar is the perfect complement to Kyla's incredible voice, and often leaves the audience wondering where the rest of the band are hiding! Their vibrant performances quickly made them a favourite in the clubs and venues around North West England, and the rest of the UK was soon to follow. With media interest, including Kyla featuring on the front covers of the UKs two biggest Blues dedicated magazines, Blues In Britain and Blues Matters! (who coined her nickname, "The Voice") and radio play, including a live session for BBC Radio 2 (the UKs most listened to radio station), their reputation has grown and grown. The pair make a strong song-writing partnership and recorded their first album, ‘Window’, in 2003, a mixture of original and classic numbers. Kyla and Danny put together an electric band in 2002, with Danny on bass, Marshall Gill on electric guitar, Tony Marshall on saxophones and Phil Considine on drums. The Kyla Brox Band have recorded three studio albums, ‘Beware’, ‘Coming Home’ and most recently 'Gone', and also a powerful live album, ‘Live at Matt & Phred’s’. With their own special mix of funky, jazz-tinged blues, and armed with the two different touring outfits, they have caused a stir all over the world, performing concerts, and often headlining at festivals though out the UK, Europe, Australia and Asia, such as, The Great British Rhythm n Blues Festival (Europe's largest blues festival), Copenhagen Blues Festival, Blues autour du Zinc, (Paris), The Great Southern Blues and Rockabilly Festival (Australia), Phuket International Blues Festival (Thailand), Edinburgh Festival (Scotland) and Limavady Jazz & Blues Festival (Ireland), to mention a few. © 1994-2008 CDconnection.com


Kyla first hit the stage at the tender age of three years old, performing with her father as part of the Victor Brox Blues Train. In the subsequent years, she has grown into an accomplished performer with a strikingly powerful voice and has toured the world with her band, leaving a lasting impression wherever she performs. If you want to get into her good books, she's fond of gemstones, flowers and alcohol. Failing that, a pink handbag will usually do the trick.
Danny Blomeley - Bass, Acoustic Guitar [Danny plays a mean bass and no mistake. As the tuneful half of the rhythm section he steers the band through their musical terrain, sometimes pushing hard, sometimes drifting along but never dull. You haven't seen a bass solo until you've seen Dan get busy with a glass ashtray. He also plays guitar, and piano, can get a respectable sound from just about any instrument he picks up and can keep a station wagon rolling using nothing more than gaffer tape and houehold cutlery.]
Marshall Gill - Electric Guitar [Motorbike collector and part-time superhero, Marshall is a six-string thing who can blaze like a bonfire or smoulder like a hot coal. Though he was born to rock, Marshall can coax a huge range of possibilities from his guitar and is a strong contender for the title of UK's quietest guitar solo. He has never been seen to turn down a drink and has an uncanny ability to lose and subsequently recover hats in unusual situations. Marshall is currently trying to master the art of flying without the use of an aircraft.]
Anthony Curtis Marshall - Saxophones [It's the quiet ones you have to watch. Whether it's a raging storm or a sweet summer breeze, Tony's sax is guaranteed to blow your socks off. Tony learned his skills playing for drinks in the seedy bars of Oldham, where audiences are tough and the musicians are tougher. If you offer him enough money, he can drink himself to sleep in under four minutes.]
Phil Considine - Drums [The clattering backbone of the band. Phil plays the drums with a flair and passion beyond that of the average tub-thumper,whether propelling the songs along at high velocity or delivering gentle kicks from behind. Phil claims his drumming is "an attempt to create the sound of a drum kit falling down a very long flight of stairs" but we suspect that Phil has a relaxed attitude to the truth and never believe a word he says. He also states that he is the current world record holder for 'most photographs taken whilst playing a drum solo.' Actually, that might be true.]


flinthill said...

Thanks so very much for this Kyla Brox release. The only other cd I could find is "Gone". Forever grateful Take care John

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi, John. Hope you enjoy it. She has at least 5 releases. They are impossible to buy. I may post another one soon....Cheers!

wieterken said...

A.O.O.F.C can you repost this cd. Thanks very much for the Kyla Brox cd's. I saw her live last saterday en she's great.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi, wieterken. She's one of the greatest soul blues vocalists of modern times. Try


Please keep in touch

wieterken said...

Yeah, she's one of the greatest!
Thank you very much for the repost.
The only other cd I could find is "Coming Home". Can you help me? Thanks again.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi, wieterken. There's a few Kyla albums posted at


Hope this helps.


wieterken said...

A.O.O.F.C. thanks very much for the Kyla albums on the Blues On The Rocks Blog.
Happy Holidays!!!

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,wieterken. Have a great Yuletide. Thanks