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Nicky Moore & The Blues Corporation

Nicky Moore & The Blues Corporation - Live - 2001 - Ind.

‘Nicky Moore, big voice, big body, takes close control of the Blues Corporation. He writes strong, original blues material mixed with carefully selected covers: there’s no middle ground, every song goes straight for the throat. The bass player, Pete Shaw, is excellent, as solid as they come, so too, drummer Ed Collins. Danny Kyle, on acoustic guitar, is an interesting and worthwhile addition to the line-up, bringing a light counterpoint to the grittier guitar work of lead guitarist Timmy Moore.’ © Blues in Britain Review 2005

The powerful Blues Corporation were formed in 1992, and split at the end of 2001 after issuing this rare "Live" ! album. Nicky Moore may not be a household nane to many blues rock fans, but he is a very experienced vocalist and guitarist. He played in the great jazz rock band, Tiger, but is mainly known for playing with the heavy rock bands, Samson, and Mammoth. The Blues Corporation was voted the top live blues band, by listeners to the very popular UK BBC Radio 2 station in 2000. This is a good album with some great straightforward Blues/R&B boogie, which at times is mindful of early Canned Heat or John Fogerty/CCR. Check out he band's "Hog on a Log" album, and if you can find it check out the "Up The Hardway" album by the great early seventies British hard rock band, Hackensack, which features tremendous vocals by Nicky Moore.


01 - Boneman - Moore
02 - Intro-Keep A lookout For The Blues - (Intro - John Smith : Keep A lookout For The Blues - Moore/Allen)
03 - Chant - Moore/Allen
04 - Resting In The Blues - Moore/Allen
05 - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie - Moore
06 - Statesboro Blues - Blind Willie McTell
07 - Thrill Is Gone - Hawks/Darnell
08 - All The Kings Horses - Moore
09 - Sea Of Blues - Moore [ Dedicated to Dr Rachael Stopps...a real mermaid ]
10 - Heartbreak Hotel - Axton/Durden/Presley
11 - It's Tight Like That - Moore/Tunbridge/Childs/Bagge [ Dedicated to Stuart Childs...for his musicianship and his friendship ]
12 - Thank You - Moore


Nicky Moore: - vocals, guitar
Grant Tunbridge - bass, vocals
Tommy Allen - guitar, vocals
Ed Collins - drums, vocals
Julien "Webster" Greaves - sax, harmonica [ Special Guest ]
Tim Moore - acoustic guitar (Thankyou) [ Special Guest ]


Known as ‘The Voice’, Nicky is without doubt one of the very best blues singers on the music scene today. Nicky can deliver spine-tingling ballads and hard-rocking numbers equally well, using his amazing voice range to good effect. He’s a notable songwriter and arranger, with many published songs to his credit. Nicky is also well known as a voice trainer, as seen on popular TV show ‘Lakesiders’. Nicky’s vocal range spans three and a half octaves form bottom D to B flat. He was classically trained, with 4 years at Exeter Cathedral Choristers school, and he has had 40 years experience as a vocalist. Career - Tiger – A jazz rock band. Tiger recorded 3 albums for EMI in which Nicky was Co–writer in all the material. The Nicky Moore Band – A Blues and R&B band playing numerous club dates and one major tour with Wishbone Ash. Samson – A heavy rock band. 2 L.P’s for Polydor and 1 Live LP (all made LP charts), 5 singles for Polydor ( all top 75 hits), 5 British tours, and 2 European tours. 3 video’s for Polydor Records, Co-writer in all material. Joint Forces – A solo album for Paul Sampson and Co-writer in all material. Uli Jon Roth & Electric Sun – A classical rock band. 1 LP for EMI records, 1 video. Several TV appearances (including Whistle Test). World Tour (including 2 month US Tour) singing lead and backing vocals. Mammoth – The heaviest rock band in the world! 1 LP and numerous live appearances, plus national TV and radio. Co-writer in all material. Nicky Moore Band – The Nicky Moore Band (mark 2) released 2 cassettes. Mister Big Stuff – A soul band released 1 album. Blues Corporation – Voted top live blues band by Radio 2 listeners in 2000. Extensively toured England and Europe. Produced 5 Albums and appeared on radio and TV. Miscellaneous - Jingles for Rothmans International, Shell UK, Canadian Beer, Radio 1, Thirty voice-overs for Sovereign Radio – Kent., Featured in the BBC TV show ‘Lakesiders’ and ‘Get Your Act Together.’ Today, Nicky Moore’s Blues Corporation are - Nicky Moore – vocals, Eddie Collins – keyboards, Timmy Moore – guitar, Daniel J Kyle – guitar, & Pete Shaw – bass. ©


Nicky Moore: was the lead vocalist of heavy metal band Samson, for many years . He was also the vocalist for Tiger, the jazz-rock band led by Big Jim Sullivan, a top English session guitarist . 1) Nigel Bagge: lead guitar in '92. 2) Andy: lead guitar '97 3) Richard Studholme: lead guitar (on 1997 album) (to West Weston's Bluesonics). 4) Nigel Bagge: lead guitar (again?)(to The Mighty 45s). 5) Tommy Allen: lead guitar (on 1999 album) (from Marcus Malone's Red House) (also to Dr J J's Blues Band in July 2000. Then rapidly to The Producers and then formed his own band!). 6) Tim Moore: Nicky's son on lead guitar from 2001 onwards - when Tommy Allen was unavailable due to other duties. Colin Goody: harp (new in band in '99 - but succeeded by Julian Webster-Greaves in 2001). Grant 'Cheeky' Tunbridge: bass. Stewart Childs, succeeded by Ed Collins (2001): drums

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