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Micky Moody

Micky Moody - I Eat Them For Breakfast - 2000 - Armadillo

'you'll eat this piece of music not only for breakfast, but also for dinner.' 10/10 Melodic Journey Germany 'Moody might surprise listeners who know him only from his past (Whitesnake!) by sharp, genre-appropriate playing from '14-string rag' (guitar and mandolin) to the via-Freddie King cover of 'Me and My Guitar'.' © Blues Revue 2000.

Good album from the former Juicy Lucy and Whitesnake guitarist. Micky Moody is a seasoned, and very experienced musician who has been a huge part of the British rock scene for many years, but is still an unknown musician to many. He has played in many bands, and is also a top session man who has worked with musicians like Gerry Rafferty, and Mike Oldfield. This is a good blues rock album. Nothing earthshaking here but great playing and vocals from Micky Moody and his great back up band, including Bernie Marsden, Henry Spinetti, and Don Airey. Check out Snafu's "All Funked Up" album, and Micky's "Don't Blame Me" album. There is info on Juicy Lucy's "Blue Thunder" album @ JLUICY/BTHUNDER featuring some great guitar work from Micky Moody.


1. On Common Ground - Marsden/Moody
2. Alimony - Brenda Jones/Robert Higginbotham/Welton Young
3. Delta Bluesman - Moody
4. Mixed-Up Blues - Moody
5. My Lady Friend - Marsden
6. 14-String Rag - Moody
7. Me And My Guitar - Chuck Blackwell/Leon Russell
8. Just Leave Me Alone - Moody
9. Turning Point (Parts 1-5) - Airey/John Lingwood/Marsden/Moody/Murray
10. Obsession - Hart/Marsden/Moody
11. Let This Boy Boogie - Moody
12. My Word For Trouble (W.O.M.A.N) - Marsden/Moody
13. Journey Home - Moody


Micky Moody - Guitar (Acoustic), Dobro, Guitar, Mandolin, Guitar (Bass), Guitar (Steel), Vocals, Vocals (Background), Slide Guitar
Bernie Marsden - Guitar, Vocals (Background),Slide Guitar, Fender Rhodes
Don Airey - Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Wurlitzer
Neil Murray - Bass
Andy Pyle - Bass
Henry Spinetti - Bass, Drums
John Lingwood - Drums
Paul Williams - Vocals
Robert Hart - Vocals


Guitarist Mick Moody is best known as a member of the inaugural lineup of Whitesnake, though he actually began his career years earlier as a member of Juicy Lucy. After exiting Juicy Lucy, Moody played with Snafu for a few years, as well as on several session gigs, before joining Whitesnake in 1978. When bandleader David Coverdale began tinkering with Whitesnake's lineup in the mid-'80s, Moody resumed his prior career as a session guitarist; he also formed a blues-rock outfit called the Moody & Marsden Band with Whitesnake cohort Bernie Marsden, which released an album titled Never Turn Our Back on the Blues in 1994. Moody and Marsden reunited again in the Whitesnake-affiliated supergroup Company of Snakes in 2000, and Moody released his first solo album, the bluesy I Eat Them for Breakfast, in 2001. © Steve Huey, All Music Guide

BIO (Wikipedia)

Micky Moody (born Michael Moody, 30 August 1950, Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, England) is an English guitarist, and a former member of the hard rock bands Juicy Lucy and Whitesnake. After Juicy Lucy split Micky co-founded Snafu which combined his Brit-rock guitar style with some down-home stateside grooves. The band recorded three albums - SNAFU, Situation Normal and All Funked Up. The band also appeared on a John Peel session and toured extensively before the individual members headed off to pursue different ventures. Together with his former Whitesnake colleagues Bernie Marsden and Neil Murray, he has founded several bands (The Snakes, Company of Snakes and M III), with which they mainly perform old Whitesnake songs. Besides this, Moody also played with Bob Young in The Young & Moody Band and released one bluesy solo album I Eat Them For Breakfast in 2001.