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David Maxwell

David Maxwell - Maximum Blues Piano -1997-Tone-Cool

"for virtuosity, it's david maxwell's maximum blues piano (*****) no vocals (actually just one)--just 10 fingers singing their way through jump, boogie, new orleans,funky,chicago and plain old badass blues"---pulse, 1997

This is a great piano blues album. It's funky, has some great slow blues, with a touch of Gospel, and David Maxwell's playing is truly outstanding. And check out some of the players here - Ronnie Earl, and Duke Levine on guitar. In fact, there is some outstanding blues guitar on the album, and listen to the great sax wizard, "Kaz" Kazanoff. It's magic stuff! Check out David's "Max Attack [95 North]" album, and buy Savoy Brown's great "The Blues Keep Me Holding On" album which features David on the ivories.


Blues Don't Bother Me
Breakdown on the Bayou
After Hours
Sister Laura Lee
Down at P.J.'s Place
Honky Tonk Train
Heart Attack
Deep into It
Walk the Walk
Manhattan Max (Boppin' Wit da Chippies)
Take Me on Home

All tracks composed by David Maxwell, except "After Hours" by Erskine Hawkins, Avery Parrish, & "Honky Tonk Train" by Meade "Lux" Lewis.


Ronnie Earl (Guitar), Ronnie Earl (Guitar (Electric)), John Lee Hooker (Quotes Researched & Compiled), Duke Levine (Guitar (Rhythm)), Mickey Bones (Washboard), Mickey Bones (Rub), Mickey Bones (Rubboard), Marty Ballou (Bass), Marty Ballou (Bass (Electric)), Marty Ballou (Bass (Acoustic)), Kevin Barry (Guitar), Gordon Beadle (Sax (Baritone)), Gordon Beadle (Sax (Tenor)), Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff (Sax (Tenor)), Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff (Soloist), Bob Kempf (Producer), David Maxwell (Organ), David Maxwell (Piano), David Maxwell (Arranger), David Maxwell (Producer), David Maxwell (Main Performer), Dr. Toby Mountain (Mastering), Darrell Nulisch (Vocals), Marty Richards (Percussion), Marty Richards (Drums), Richard Rosenblatt (Executive Producer), Dick Shurman (Liner Notes), Scott Aruda (Trumpet), Scott Aruda (Arranger), Scott Aruda (Horn Arrangements), Chris Rival (Engineer), Chris Rival (Mixing), Diane Menyuk (Art Direction), Raymond Green (Trombone)
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David Maxwell is one of the great, living, blues-influenced piano players. His soulful, energetic, gospel-, blues-and jazz-tinged, virtuoso playing reflects his years as a sideman to such luminaries as Otis Rush, Jimmy Rogers, Freddie King and James Cotton, as well as his long-term relationships with mentors Otis Spann, Sunnyland Slim and Pinetop Perkins. At present, Maxwell heads up the James Cotton Trio and is a renowned solo performer, as well as a sought-after educator and workshop leader at both the high school- and college-levels. Maxwell has played, toured and recorded with Bonnie Raitt, John Lee Hooker, Odetta, James Cotton, Albert King, Hubert Sumlin, Buddy Guy, Ronnie Earl, Keith Richards, Roy Gaines, Ola Mae Dixon, Steve Freund, Mike Welch, Paul Oscher, Lowell Fulsom, Luther Johnson, Eric Clapton, Levon Helm and the Conan O'Brien Band, among many others. His latest album, Maximum Blues Piano- on Tone Cool Records- received high acclaim. He has been nominated twice for a W.C. Handy Award. David is often compared to his mentor Otis Spann. In fact, James Cotton calls David, 'the soul of Otis Spann.' "(Otis) never sat me down and gave me lessons, so to speak," Maxwell says, "but he was so encouraging to me as a man and as a musician. I'd follow What he did on the keyboard, make mental notes. He would entertain me and I would enjoy it." © www.tonecool.com/cds/1160.htm

11 tracks, 66 min., highly recommended
This 1997 album features this veteran of the blues piano on his first solo CD - this after nearly 30 years of touring with the likes of Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker, Freddie King, Bonnie Raitt and Otis Rush! A complete instrumental set (except for "Heart Attack" which features vocalist Darrell Lynn Nulisch), 47 year-old David Maxwell is joined by a stellar cast, including guitarists Duke Levine & Ronnie Earl, saxophonists Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff & Gordon Beadle, and Duke Robillard's rhythm section. The highlights are many, and include "Deep into It" (slow blues with Ronnie Earl), a 7 minute solo version of Meade Lux Lewis' "Honky Tonk Train", the very Otis Spann-ish "Walk The Walk", and "Take Me On Home" (slow blues with Ronnie Earl & Gordon Beadle). A perfect CD for those of you who are desperately seeking that "rollin' & thunderin'" piano sound that you associate with Otis Spann's playing. Sound recording is outstanding, with excellent notes by Dick Shurman. © (EL) , © 2008 Roots & Rhythm. No part of this site may be reproduced without written permission, www.rootsandrhythm.com/roots/BLUES%20&%20GOSPEL/blues_m2.htm

Maxwell's solo debut has been a long time in coming, but it been worth the wait, as he neatly sidesteps the curse of the non-vocalist bandleader. Bringing in Darrell Nulisch for one vocal ("Heart Attack") only distracts from this fine instrumental showcase for David's prodigious abilities. Maxwell literally sparkles on the gospel-ish sanctified shout of "Sister Laura Lee," the New Orleans strut of "Breakdown On the Bayou," the boogie woogie classic "Honky Tonk Train" and "Manhattan Max," trading licks throughout with guest stars Ronnie Earl, Duke Levine and saxman supreme Mark "Kaz" Kazanoff, basically the cream of the New England blues mafia. The fact that Maxwell has learned his slow blues lessons well is exhibited on the Pete Johnson tribute, "Down at P.J.'s Place," "Deep Into It" and a seven-minute-plus rendition of Avery Parrish's "After Hours." This is more than just an impressive debut; this is a record of great playing and uncommon musical depth. © Cub Koda, All Music Guide


Pianist David Maxwell has been a part of the Boston blues scene as a sideman since the late 1960s, but has only in the '90s begun leading his own band and recording under his own name. Maxwell took some of his early stylistic cues from the likes of Spann, Sunnyland Slim and Pinetop Perkins, also listening to the recordings of Big Maceo, Ray Charles and Memphis Slim; he became friendly with Muddy Waters' longtime piano player, Otis Spann, in the late 1960s. Maxwell went on to back many great players over the years, including Freddie King, whom he worked with for two years in the early 1970s; Bonnie Raitt, whom he worked with in 1974 and '75, while she was still based in Boston; and James Cotton from 1977 to 1979. He toured Europe and Japan with Otis Rush in the 1990s, and has performed over the years with dozens of others, including John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Rogers, Paul Oscher, Hubert Sumlin, Bob Margolin, John Primer and Ronnie Earl. He has joined many of these same people on their studio efforts, including Cotton for his 1997 Grammy-winning Deep in the Blues. Maxwell also can be heard on the soundtrack to the movie Fried Green Tomatoes with longtime Boston musicians Ronnie Earl and Peter Wolf. Maxwell's debut record for Tone-Cool, Maximum Blues Piano, is a collection of instrumental tunes that showcase many of the Boston scene's veteran players: Ronnie Earl and Duke Levine on guitars, Kaz Kazanoff and Gordon Beadle on saxophones, drummer Marty Richards and bassist Marty Ballou. Echoes of all of his influences can be heard throughout the tracks, including Pete Johnson on "Down at A.J.'s Place," and Otis Spann on "Deep Into It." © Richard Skelly, All Music Guide


David Maxwell has amassed an enormous resume throughout the years playing piano with some of the greatest and most well-known musicians in the blues--- Freddie King, Bonnie Raitt, John Lee Hooker, James Cotton, Otis Rush, Jimmy Rogers, Hubert Sumlim, Muddy Waters, Ronnie Earl and many more. David's style encompasses elements of the blues and jazz, but he is best known for his soulful virtuosity and unmatched ability to reach the heart of post-war Chicago Blues. Through his work, he has gained the respect of artists, fans and critics (a Grammy with James Cotton, multiple Grammy and WC Handy nominations for work with other artists and several WC Handy performance nominations) and has established a reputation as one of the finest blues pianists on the scene today. Please check out www.davidmaxwell.com


"I don't think anybody could be tighter playing the blues on the piano than David Maxwell. He plays the blues like it should be played. He plays the low-down, dirty, funky blues. He's got it all together." - John Lee Hooker: "Dave has always been one of the most amazing piano players I've ever heard. Maximum Blues Piano showcases all of his strengths and is a great ride." - Bonnie Raitt: "David Maxwell plays with fire and soul. He keeps the spirit of Otis Spann alive." - James Cotton: You remind me of the old guys - T-Bone Walker, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles. You've got a lot of talent on your hands." - Otis Rush : "David Maxwell and Otis Spann are the baddest two piano players I know." - Junior Wells


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