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Boston Blackie/Otis "Big Smokey" Smothers


Boston Blackie/Otis "Big Smokey" Smothers - Chicago Blues Session, Vol. 1 - 1998 - Wolf Records

First class Chicago blues album. Has anybody got any info on Boston Blackie? There is a Beanie Joe "Boston Blackie" Houston, a Boston Blackie, aka Bennie Joe Houston, born on 11/6/43, in Panola, AL, and a Milton Houston, aka Boston Blackie, born in Panola, AL. They were all guitarists/vocalists. I would love to set the record straight on the musician on this album. Any info appreciated. Check out more albums in this great series of Chicago blue's session albums.


1. I Can't Judge Nobody - Otis Smothers
2. Hello Little Schoolgirl - Otis Smothers
3. Sad Sad Day - Otis Smothers
4. Do The Thing - Otis Smothers
5. ABC Blues - Boston Blackie
6. Louise - Boston Blackie
7. Hey Baby - Boston Blackie
8. How Much More Long - Boston Blackie
9. Give Me Back That Way - Otis Smothers
10. Blues All Day Long - Otis Smothers
11. I've Been Drinking Muddy Water - Otis Smothers
12. ABC Blues Take 2 - Boston Blackie
13. Find Me Another Babe - Boston Blackie


Beanie Joe "Boston Blackie" Houston, (vocals, guitar)
Otis "Big Smokey" Smothers (vocals, guitar)
Eddie "Big Town Playboy" Taylor (guitar)
Luther Adams (guitar)
Birmingham Jones (harmonica)
Willie Kent (bass)
Michael Riley (bass)
Tim Taylor (drums).
Cleo Williams (drums)

CHICAGO BLUES SESSION VOL. 1 features tracks by Boston Blackie recorded in 1992 and by Otis "Big Smokey" Smothers in 1984.
Recorded at Odyssey Sound Studio, Chicago, Illinois on August 8, 1984 and ACME Recording, Chicago, Illinois on January 29, 1992. Includes liner notes by JoAnne Larson, Richard Shazvin & Sam Burkhardt.
Producer: John Primer; Willie Kent
Engineer: Ed Cody; Paul Smith

BIO (Otis "Big Smokey" Smothers)

The Chicago blues scene boasted its own pair of Smothers Brothers, but there was nothing particularly amusing about their tough brand of blues music. The older of the two by a decade, Otis "Big Smokey" Smothers was first to arrive in the Windy City from Mississippi in the mid-'40s. Howlin' Wolf liked the way he played enough to invite him into the Chess studios as his rhythm guitarist on several 1956-57 sessions (songs included "Who's Been Talking," "Tell Me," "Going Back Home," and "I Asked for Water"). Federal Records found Smothers's simple shuffle sound immensely appealing in 1960, recording 12 tracks by the good-natured bluesman with labelmate Freddy King handling lead guitar duties (King, Federal's parent logo, even issued a Smothers LP that's worth a pretty penny today). A four-song 1962 session that included "Way Up in the Mountains of Kentucky" and an updated version of the Hank Ballard & the Midnighters classic "Work with Me Annie" ("Twist with Me Annie") completed his Federal tenure. Apart from a 1968 single for Gamma ("I Got My Eyes on You"), Smothers didn't make it back onto wax until 1986, when Red Beans Records, a small Chicago outfit run by pianist Erwin Helfer and guitarist Pete Crawford, brought him back to the record racks with an LP called Got My Eyes on You that showed his style hadn't changed a whit with the decades. Smokey Smothers was a beloved Chicago traditionalist until the very end. © Bill Dahl, All Music Guide


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I try to download the boston blackie album but only link 1 is workin, so i can't get the whole album. can you help me with that please?

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