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Split Enz

Split Enz - The Best of Split Enz - 1994 - Chrysalis

New Zealand's Split Enz began their recording career in pleasantly uncommercial fashion, writing gently eccentric tunes that echoed the softer side of Foxtrot-era Genesis. Sometimes, overtly weird and flamboyant, with many tunes resembling little, distorted symphonies, the effects don't always work, simply because flakiness carried past a certain point can't be taken seriously on any level. Bizarre carnival costumes and distorted upsweep hairdos served as colorful attention-grabbers. Tim Finn's wistful voice adds a sweet patina to some of the bands disoriented and lyrically offbeat outings. This album is not truly representative of the groups best work, but it is still a very good album from a very talented group. Check out their great 1980 " True Colours " album.


1. Titus - Split Enz
2. Late Last Night - Split Enz
3. Matinee Idyll (129) - Split Enz
4. Lovey Dovey - Split Enz
5. Time for a Change - Split Enz
6. Crosswords - Split Enz
7. Charley - Split Enz
8. Another Great Divide - Split Enz
9. Bold as Brass - Split Enz
10. My Mistake - Split Enz
11. I See Red - Split Enz
12. I Got You - Split Enz
13. One Step Ahead - Split Enz
14. History Never Repeats - Split Enz
15. Six Months in a Leaky Boat - Split Enz
16. Message to My Girl - Split Enz


Tim Finn - Guitar
Tim Finn - Piano
Tim Finn - Vocals
Phil Manzanera - Producer
Split Enz - Producer
Split Enz - Main Performer
Phil Judd - Guitar
Phil Judd - Vocals
Jonathan Michael Chunn - Bass
Noel Crombie - Percussion
Noel Crombie - Drums
Noel Crombie - Vocals (Background)
Paul Emlyn Crowther - Drums
Rhett Davies - Engineer
Mallory Earl - Producer
Mallory Earl - Engineer
Geoff Emerick - Producer
Neil Finn - Guitar
Neil Finn - Vocals
Robert Gillies - Trumpet
Robert Gillies - Horn
Robert Gillies - Saxophone
Mal Green - Drums
Mal Green - Vocals (Background)
Nigel Griggs - Bass
Nigel Griggs - Vocals (Background)
Hugh Padgham - Producer
Hugh Padgham - Engineer
Eddie Rayner - Percussion
Eddie Rayner - Piano
Eddie Rayner - Keyboards
Eddie Rayner - Vocals (Background)
David Tickle - Producer
David Tickle - Engineer
Ernie Rose - Producer

BIO (Wikipedia)

Split Enz was a successful New Zealand band during the late 1970s and the early 1980s featuring brothers Tim Finn and Neil Finn. They achieved success with the music charts in New Zealand, Australia and Canada during the early 1980s and built a cult following elsewhere. Their musical style was eclectic and original, incorporating influences from art rock, vaudeville, swing, punk, rock, New Wave and pop.
The group formed in 1971 at the University of Auckland with the original lineup of Tim Finn,Mike Chunn, Robert Gillies, Phil Judd and Noel Crombie. From 1972 the band became a full-time occupation for the friends, and they called the band Split Ends. The spelling was later changed to Split Enz shortly before their first trip to Australia, to signify their New Zealand roots (as "NZ" is a common abbreviation for New Zealand). The group was widely known for their unique visual presentation. Their costumes and hair were wild, colourful and inventive. The costumes were designed by Noel Crombie, who also designed most of the group's other visual material, such as stage sets, posters, stickers and album covers, as well as directing many of the band's music videos.
The group's career falls into two distinct phases. The first was firmly rooted in the progressive rock scene of the early 1970s. The group's sound progressed over the first era from progressive rock to punk rock at times. In 1977, with the departure of Judd and the enlisting of Neil Finn, the group's sound began to change from a progressive rock sound to new wave with folk roots. The 1980s proved the group's most commercially successful period, with a string of popular albums in the bourgeoning New Wave style, the group further established a legacy that is still recognised as a distinct musical style after over twenty years from their departure. Since their departure, the group has reunited as Split Enz several times, though its members have gone on to create other successful musical groups with one another
since the breakup in 1984, such as Crowded House, Schnell Fenster, Citizen Band and the Finn Brothers.


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