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Michel Petrucciani


Michel Petrucciani - Live [LIVE] - 1991 - Blue Note Records

A brilliant jazz album. Bebop jazz played in a nineties style with electric bass and
keyboards. The album is full of Charlie Parker and Miles Davis influences, and is an inspired work by the late great Michel Petrucciani and his awesome back up musicians. Check out the albums, Live at the Village Vanguard (1984), and Power of Three (1986) with Wayne Shorter and Jim Hall.


1.Black Magic
2.Miles Davis Licks
6.Looking Up
7.Thank You Note

All songs written by Michel Petruccianiexept "Estate" written by Bruno Martino
Rec in Nov. of 1991 at The Arsenal in Metz, France


Michel Petrucciani - Piano
Adam Holzman - keyboards
Steve Logan - bass
Abdou M'Boop - percussion
Victor Jones - drums

BIO (Wikipedia)

Michel Petrucciani (December 28, 1962, Orange, France – January 6, 1999, Manhattan), was a French Jazz pianist. Michel Petrucciani came from an Italo-French family of a musical background. His father "Tony" played guitar and his brother Louis played bass. Michel was born with osteogenesis imperfecta which is a genetic disease that causes brittle bones and in his case short stature. It is also often linked to pulmonary ailments. In his early career his father and brother occasionally carried him, literally, because he could not walk far on his own unaided. In certain respects though he considered it an advantage as it got rid of distractions, like sports, that other boys tended to become involved in. At an early age he became enthusiastic about the works of Duke Ellington and wished to become a pianist like him. Although he trained for years as a classical pianist, jazz remained his interest. He had his first professional concert at 13. At this point in his life he was still quite fragile so had to be carried to and from the piano. In general his size meant that he required aids to reach the piano's pedals, but his hands were average in length. By age 18 he helped form a successful trio. He moved to the US in 1982. In the US he is credited with leading Charles Lloyd to resume playing actively and in 1986 he recorded a live album with Wayne Shorter and Jim Hall. He also played with diverse figures in the US jazz scene including Dizzy Gillespie. In 1994 he was granted a Légion d'honneur in Paris. His own style was initially influenced by Bill Evans although some compare him to Keith Jarrett. He is often deemed to be among the best jazz pianists to ever come from France.On the personal side he had three significant relationships. His first marriage to Italian pianist Gilda Buttà ended in divorce. He also fathered two children, one being a son named Alexandre. One of these children inherited his condition. He also had a stepson named Rachid Roperch. Michel Petrucciani died at 36 from a pulmonary infection. He was interred in Le Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.