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Chariot - Chariot - 1968 - National General

Chariot, evolved out of a 60's outfit called The Knack.They are thought to have been influenced by Cream.Their music is a mixture of psych/blues with a flower power flavour. English-born drummer Pug Baker went on to play with a number of minor bands, such as the RCA-signed Rocking Horse, and Waves, a group that enjoyed a short tenure with Epic. Baker is still drumming, and is currently playing with southern rockers Ghost Riders. It is very difficult o find any info on Michael Kaplan who composed all songs on the album.He was also a good lead guitarist. A.O.O.F.C would love to get more info on this band. Please post.


01. Yolanda Jones
02. You Let Me Love You
03. Gamblin' Man
04. The War Is Over
05. Home Wreckin' Mama
06. Hey People
07. Variety Woman
08. Got To Be A Lover
09. Poor Man Blues
All tracks written by Michael Kaplan


Michael Kaplan - Rhythm, Lead Guitar & Lead Vocals
Pug Baker - Drums.
Larry Gould - Bass & Lead Vocals