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Oscar Benton


Oscar Benton - The Best Of The Oscar Benton Blues Band - 1972 - Decca

Oscar Benton, b. Ferdinand van Eis in 1949, is a Dutch blues vocalist and guitarist. He formed the Oscar Benton Blues Band in 1967, in Haarlem, Noord Holland, Netherlands. A.O.O.F.C would appreciate any info on this great album. Can anybody post the track composers names?. I am not sure if the recording is from 1969 or 1972. I think it was originally released on the Decca label. Also, the artwork displayed may be incorrect. Please help!


1. Bensonhurstblues
2. Somebody's Love Will Do
3. Helpless
4. I Don't Know
5. Not The Same Dream Anymore
6. Took Me A Long Time
7. The Day A Got Rid Of The Blues
8. Lovin' C.M.B.H.
9 The Long And Winding Road - Lennon/McCartney
10. Busted
11. The Tree Bells
12. It Ain't Nobody's Business
13. I Believe In Love
14. How Can I Just Start Again
15. Bensonhurstblues(ver 2)


Oscar Benton [Ferdinand van Eis] (guitar, vocals),
Hank 'Jay' Hawkins [Peter van Kouteren] (bass),
Han van Dam (piano, keyboards, vocals),
Tanny Lent [Herman Souverein] (drums),
Gerard Van Doorn (bass)


This blues band from Haarlem was around between 1967 and 1975 and left an impression at the Loosdrecht jazz festival in 1968. The first line-up was: Oscar Benton (v,g = Ferdinand van Eif), Tanny Lant (dr = Herman Soeverein), Hank Hawkins (b = Peter van Kouten) and Hans van Dam (p).


titovenaer said...

I'm sorry but the links are dead.

But here you can find the back cover
of this CD:


A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,Titovenaer. There is a link for this album @ http://

P/W is Mussiqa.Net

Thanks for cover link. TTU soon

titovenaer said...

Thanx A.O.O.F.C,
But I've found already another link.
And download it.
I upload it again.
Check your mail please.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Thanks, T. Replied to your mail. Very grateful. Cheers! I'll ttu soon

bullfrog said...

hi, a.o.o.f.c., bensonhurst blues by Kaplan/Kornfeld - 1973 somebody's love will do by Benton - 1972 helpless by Dozier - 1971 i don't know by Williamson - 1971 not the same dream anymore by Kluger/Byl - 1972 took me a long time by Benton/Bailey - 1973 the day i got rid of the blues by Benton/Van Den Dries - 1970lovin' c.m.b.h. by Benton/Verdonkschol - 1972 the long and winding road by Lennon/McCartney - 1972 busted by Howard - 1972 the three bells by Villard/Reisfeld - 1972 it ain't nobody's business "traditional" - 1969 i believe in love by Marchese/Byl - 1971 how can i just start again by Verminnen/Lacksman/Greedus - 1971. i have a cd version released in 2003, i don't know if it's the original release date, i hope i'm pleasing you with this information.greetings from bullfrog.by the way, you have one of the best blogs on the net,thanks a lot for all your hard working.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Hi,bullfrog. Thanks a million for that info, and also for your time and interest.I appreciate your kind words and your requests. Helps me to repair broken links. Cheers! TTU soon