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Orang-Utan: - Orang-Utan - 1971 - US Bell Records

Orang-Utan ( aka Hunter, named after the Albert King song) , was a very talented UK guitar rock group, composed of 19-20 year old musicians, which included members of the UK 60's freak/psych band Jason Crest. This great album was released omly in the U.S.A in 1971. The album is full of brilliant well crafted songs with amazing vocals by Nobby Clark, who only had one lung! Nobby was actually the second vocalist for the band & demos exist from the band line up before he joined them. Any info on these demos would be very welcome. Unbelievably, Hunter got no royalties from this album, or the several cd re-issues released over the years. Some of the band members still play today. Try and track them down. If you come across any of their recordings, please buy them, and please post your info to A.O.O.F.C


01 - I Can see Inside Your Head
02 - Slipping Away
03 - Love Queen
04 - Chocolate Piano
05 - If You Leave
06 - Fly Me High
07 - Country Hike
08 - Magic Playground


Nobby Clark - Vocals (Not the N. Clark of Bay City Rollers! )

Jeff Seopardie - Drums (Main Composer)

Mick Clarke - Guitar

Sid ? - Guitar (Sacked after album was recorded, and not credited on album)

Paul Roberts - Bass

Composed of the remmants of a few London bands, including Jason Crest, the band, then called Hunter, recorded this album in a very modern and expensive London recording studio. Mysteriously, the album was released only in the U.S.A on the US Bell Records label in 1971. Incredibly, Hunter knew nothing about this release! A person who shall remain anonymous, claimed the producer's title on the U.S release. Mr.Anonymous had stolen the original London recordings without any permission from Hunter. They were oblivious to what was going on! Mr.Anonymous, to make the story more interesting, managed, for reasons unknown, to get Hunters then manager to change the band name to Orang-Utan! All this skullduggery did not help Hunters career. They were a very talented band who could have hit the big time. Instead, sadly, like so many great bands at the time, they faded into obscurity.


Anonymous said...

Most of the original members have been in contact through email. The guy who got sacked is named, Sid Fairman.

The guitar player, Mick Clarke is still playing.

Jeff Seopardi is still doing his thing as well.

A.O.O.F.C said...

Thanks, Anonymous for great info. It's really hard to find info on some of these obscure albums/band line-ups. Cheers! Keep in touch

bullfrog said...

it's so bad, dead link, will you please re-post, thanks

A.O.O.F.C said...


Thanks to Oldish Psych & Prog