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Two Banks Of Four


Two Banks Of Four - Three Street Worlds - 2003 - Red Egyptian

An exciting retro jazz sound from the highly original Two Banks Of Four, who have added a new dimension to nu-jazz/soul jazz with this great recording.


01 Two Miles Before Dawn (4:29)
02 Angels' Walk (4:32)
03 One Day (6:25)
04 Banks Of The Nile (4:18)
05 Stiles (1:20)
06 Blues For Brother (5:20
)07 Unclaimed (4:50)
08 Endless (5:21)
09 Closer (5:55)
10 The Bird Monster (1:34)
11 Three Street Worlds (5:44)
12 Rising (9:00)


Rob Gallagher and Demus are 2 Banks of 4, along with vocalists Valerie Etienne, Paul Jason Fredericks, and Bembe Segue, pianist Ski Oakenfull, bassist Andy Hamill, flutist and saxophonist Andy Ross,


A group that features work from some of our favorite older members of the British scene -- including singer Valerie Etienne, and musicians Chris Bowden and Ski Oakenfull! The album's got a really soaring, spacious feel -- with jazzy roots that stretch back to groups like Kalima, and include Fertile Ground, but an overall sound that's very much in step with the current sound of the 21st Century London scene. The tunes are all incredibly soulful -- driven by warm acoustic basslines and snapping snare percussion -- and the album's got an overall feel that has a lot more real jazz playing than just beats and keys -- something we approve of highly. © 2007 Dusty Groove
Taking inspiration from the radical, spiritual jazz of the late 60's & early 70's, and blending that with a downtempo smokers soundtrack, this amalgamation of renowned producers, DJ and current UK jazz talent goes along way to prove that having one foot in the past doesn't prevent progressive musicmaking. The assorted members ofTwo Banks of Four certainly have the historical credentials to move jazz & dancefusions forward. Messrs Gallagher, Demus & Valarie Ettienne have a combined history that include Galliano, The Brand New Heavies & The Young Disciples, and combine the jazz approach with a template that won't frighten ears used to clubbier sounds. Two Banks of Four may owe a small debt to the jazz & beats feel of 4 Hero, but only for opening a musical door - not providing a roadmap. Thecover ofCarlos Garnett's spiritual jazz/dance classic "Banks of the Nile" juxtaposes nicely with "Stiles" - ablend ofdowntempo, chilled hip hop beats and funky analogue synth sounds. Perhaps slightly incongruous to some - but it demonstrates that collectively their ears are very open. "Blues For Brother" is very live sounding yet is beautifully crafted, blending instrumental technique andnew technologies into a homogenous whole. What has not escaped their attention amongst allthe jazz blowing and beat sampling is the need for melody, musical hooks and the ability to make the essence of the tunes stick in the mind. The retro jazz influences are apparent enough, but the overall soundscape is something that could only have been made in modern times, and in the musical potpourri that is contemporary London. Intentionally this musicis light years from commerciality, but is a rewardingand promising debut. © Greg Boraman (2007-06-21) © www.bbc.co.uk/music/release/p34h/
In the end, it all comes back to jazz. Many of today’s underground music artists cruise adeptly through the twisted corridors of funk, rock, house (broken and unbroken), r-n-b, drum-n-bass, dub, blip-trip-and hip-hop, creating style by recreating what has come before. Style baths the dancefloor—a world savvy metropolis unto itself- swollen with syncopated rhythms, relentless 4/4 throbs, dirty basslines, where high hats and snares strut irreverently, and vocals soar to worlds unimagined. In the end, however, it all comes back. . . Rob Gallagher and Demus are 2 Banks of 4, and along with vocalists Valerie Etienne, Paul Jason Fredericks, and Bembe Segue, pianist Ski Oakenfull, bassist Andy Hamill, flutist and saxophonist Andy Ross, they travel through the grey cityscapes of "Three Street Worlds". Theirs is an eloquent journey attended by an enrapturing soundtrack that transcends the boundaries of musical epochs. One should saunter through “Three Street Worlds”, so as not to miss its subtleties. Meander, with eyes wide open, to see sultry swing of “One Day”; hands ungloved, to feel the heat “Rising” from the bowels of beneath the city; ears poised to the haunting tale of an old woman collecting the “Unclaimed” dreams of those dead; head titled upward, mouth open to drink in the hazy twilit dew falling from the album’s title track. "Three Street Worlds" is a masterful accomplishment in modern music, on par with stellar works throughout the ages. Acknowledgement: In the end, it all comes back to jazz, ‘cos jazz is where it all begins. © Emmerald ©2007 About, Inc., A part of The New York Times Company. All rights reserved
THREE STREET WORLDS is a 13-track release by electronic artists Two Banks Of Four, featuring "Two Miles Before Dawn" and "Stiles."Two Banks of Four are Dillip Harris & Robert Gallagher. 'Three Streets World' can be characterized as a modern-day revision of soul-jazz, interlaced with touches of breakbeats, electronic, nu-jazz flavors. Featuring a wonderful melange of sounds & styles, it is an entirely coherent recording from start to finish. ©1996 - 2007 CD Universe