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The Juju Orchestra


The Juju Orchestra - Bossa Nova Is Not A Crime - 2007 - Agogo

Brilliant debut album fromt The Juju Orchestra , a big name on the international clubjazz scene. Check out the cover of Steely Dam's "Do It Again", featurimg the great Carolyn Leonhart.


This Is Not A Tango - The Juju Orchestra
What Is Hip ? - The Juju Orchestra feat. Carolyn Leonhart & Terry Callier
Kind Of Latin Rhythm - The Juju Orchestra
Take Four - The Juju Orchestra
Do It Again - The Juju Orchestra feat. Carolyn Leonhart & Robert Smith
El Bravo - The Juju Orchestra
Nâo Posso Demorar - The Juju Orchestra feat. Katia B
Funky Nassau - The Juju Orchestra


Writers and producers are Oliver Belz & Fab DJ Sammy. third member is Ralf Zitzmann, who is responsible for all Juju - business. complete liveband of THE JUJU ORCHESTRA can raise up to 12 members. and Fab DJ Sammy ist also spinning some records of his outstanding yinyl collection of rare and old Jazz, Soul and Funk music.


Funky samples, live instrumentation, and soulful vocals -- all served up with a playful sense of groove that really takes us back to some of the best British work of the early acid jazz years! The Juju Orchestra really keep things simple here -- and most tunes are based around a core element that's extrapolated nicely, often with a slightly warm sensibility that references older eras of jazz, funk, and Latin. There's a bit of the bossa nova hinted at in the title -- but the overall sound is actually a bit more dancefloor overall -- kind of in a beats-with-jazz mode, but better than that tag might sound! Terry Callier sings guest vocals on the track "What Is Hip", and other tunes include "Do It Again", "Funky Nassau", "El Bravo", "Take Four", "Kind Of Latin Rhythm", and "Nao Posso Demorar". © 1996-2007, Dusty Groove America, Inc.
Ladies and Gentleman, here comes the long awaited long player by one of the most favorite bands in the international clubjazz – scene of the last years. Eight tracks, no filler in sight, everyone has the quality for a timeless diamond. Guest appearances by Carolyn Leonhart, Katia B, Robert Smith and Terry Callier.
The Juju Orchestra was founded 2004 by Rare Groove - dj & vinyl – nerd Fab DJ Sammy and producer/sound engineer Oliver Belz. They are based in Braunschweig / Germany, right in the middle of nowhere between Hamburg, Berlin and Hannover.Some of their musical idols are Caetano Veloso, Charlie Parker, Miles Davies, Steely Dan, Stan Getz ( just to name a few…). Of course they are influenced by all of them,but the Juju’s created their own language - like every important artist does. In some words: contemporary Soul, Jazz and Latin music with a vintage sound. © www.tunes.co.uk/tunes/featured/12459.html
The word Juju originates from West Africa where it refers to objects such as a charm or amulet which have supernatural powers, it is also a style of Nigerian popular music featuring electric guitars and traditional drums. In 2004 Juju was discovered in Braunschweig Germany where DJ Sammy Kilic, producer Oliver Belz and Ralf Zitzman formed The Juju Orchestra. Their new release Bossa Nova Is Not A Crime has been gathering international praise and recognition, The Juju Orchestra are influenced by artists Miles Davis, Steely Dan, Stan Getz and Charlie Parker all preferably on vinyl format. Their very cool jazz merges into dance floor sounds, strong measure of funk and Latin with memories of early British acid jazz. Stand out tracks are What Is Hip featuring Terry Callier and Leonhart Carolyn, a former backing singer with Steely Dan, who also excels on the excellent cover of Steely Dan’s hit Do It Again, this time sharing vocals with Robert Smith. The big band sound of Kind Of Latin Rhythm and Take Four are packed with smokey late night brass and percussion. The final track Funky Nassau is already a winner on the dance floor where everything comes together with blistering vocals and driving Latin rhythms. Also discover the excellent Brazilectro series which has now reached Vol.8 the bands record label agogo-records.com. © http://cd-music-reviews.blogspot.com/2007/07/bossa-nova-is-not-crime-by-juju.html#links